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Our Mission

Fredericton Community Services Inc. is a volunteer driven not profit organization who's mission is to provide emergency food and clothing to those in need with the intention of helping them move towards self-sufficiency. This help is to include provision of education in the areas of health, personal financial management, spiritual counseling and other areas as determined by community needs. In order to better fulfill our mission we have incorporated different methods to addressing food insecurity, many of which are focused on long term, life improving educational opportunities.

About Greener Village

The Fredericton Food Bank @GreenerVillage distributes food and clothing free of charge to families, and individuals who request assistance for emergency situations. We serve approximately 3000 individuals monthly of which 32% are children.

Food is collected daily from bakeries, dairies, grocery stores and farmers and churches. The Food Bank is dependant upon community food drives and fundraising efforts for support.

Our Unique Boutique operates to provide high quality clothing items to our clients (via gift cards) and to the general public (via low cost prices).  All sales in the Unique Boutique go to support our work.

Our Learning Kitchen and Community Gardens go beyond offering a food hamper to meet immediate needs. When clients have access to education on nutrition, food preparation and budgeting this will enhance health, vitality and self-esteem over the long term, dramatically improving the lives of people in our community.

Gardening workshops and Learning Kitchen Classes are ongoing.

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