Free Flow Dance Theatre Inc.

Registered Name: Free Flow Dance Theatre Inc.

Business Number: 855807095RR0001

Free Flow Dance Theatre is a professional contemporary dance company that endeavours to advance dance as an accessible art form that can be experienced, appreciated and enjoyed by everyone.

The company was founded in 1995 and became a charitable organization in 2008. It employs professional and emerging dance artists, musicians, costumers and visual artists to work on a variety of projects including annual performances for International Dance Day, The Back Alley Antics site-specific program and the Works in Progress New Dance Series.

Our very popular free community dance workshop program allows us to bring the love of dance to people who may not otherwise experience it. We provide a variety of types of free dance workshops to people of all ages from Youth to Seniors including both able-bodied and disabled persons!

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What People Are Saying

"Works In Progress Program- By placing new dance within this incredibly approachable format the audience is able to feel involved rather than alienated. This has built a dedicated community around the event, and they consistently bring dance to a fresh and excited audience. "

— Jessie Garon- Vazari Dance Projects

"Works in Progress Program- As a recent mentor for the Saskatchewan community through the W.I.P. program I have experienced the joy of seeing how the this program is providing educational development at all levels of artistic creation, performance and audience viewing."

— Patricia Dewar (Ph.D)

"Community Dance Workshop Program- They are not only benefiting from the physical aspect of dance, but also challenging their mental abilities. Instructors are respectful of both the physical and mental deficits that some of our participants may have and adapt their program to meet our needs. "

— Oliver Lodger Care Home

"Community Dance Workshop Program- Free Flow Dance Theatre Co was amazing, and engaged the children so that everyone could learn in a safe and fun environment. Participants of the Tweens summer camp had a very positive experience and immensely enjoyed their time learning how to dance."

— International Women of Saskatoon - Free Community Workshop Program

"We surely hope that dance events such as the April International Dance Day Celebration continue to be funded and supported in order to create opportunities for emerging and professional dancers to show samples of their work in relaxed, interactive and community rich ways."

— Flamenco Borealis

"International Dance Day- We believe this event has allowed us as a dance community to connect as dancers and encourage each other in each of our art forms. "

— Argentine Tango Saskatoon

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