Freedom Village of Canada


Business Number: 106907439RR0001

About Freedom Village

Freedom Village of Canada is a ministry assisting Canada's youth and their families. Your support goes directly to seeing lives changed through the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have saved thousands of young people from Canada, once labeled “hopeless” and “unreachable,”. They have turned their lives around through this Christian ministry.Thank you to our supporters we now have a team providing in home care and Christian education right here in Canada! 

Up until 2019, our children attended the residential program in Lakemont New York. However now in 2020, and moving forward, Freedom Village of Canada is proudly serving our Canadian children and their families right here in Canada. We use Christian counselors, mentors, educators/tutors and dietitians to create a safe, healthy, respectful but most importantly, a God CENTERED ENVIRONMENT.

Together we are saving children to grow leaders.

Help for Children:

We assist children in their home setting surrounded by the obstacles, challenges and influences they are faced with every day

depression/isolating behaviours


excessive amount of screen time

learning disabilities

use of alcohol/cigarettes/drugs

destructive habits anger

gang involvement

sexual activity

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