Freedom Village of Canada


Business Number: 106907439RR0001

About Freedom Village

Freedom Village is a ministry assistant Canada's youth and their families. Your support goes directly to seeing lives changed through the gospel of Jesus Christ. For over 39 years we have had a relationship with Pastor Brothers and Freedom Village USA to use their facility in Lakemont NY. Thousands of young people from across America, Canada, and around the world, once labeled “hopeless” and “unreachable,” have turned their lives around through this Christian based program. We are moving forward with Canadian partnerships, as well as, continuing our program with Freedom Village USA. 

Freedom Village is, at any given time, home to 150 to 200 young people, ages 14-21, who need and want help with various aspects of their lives. Many have been involved in drug and alcohol abuse, have attempted suicide, or lived in abusive home situations including physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Some have turned to lives of crime after their families and society abandoned them.

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