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Freedom's Gate Equine Rescue


Business Number: 735308298RR0001

Feed a horse

Campaign Ended Sept. 30, 2019

Horses here at Freedom's Gate cost us approximately $100 for feed every month. Some cost more, some a bit less. When we add Vet expenses, hoof care etc we are roughly $200 month per horse. We are looking for monthly sponsors for our horses!! Any amount is great as it all helps the horses!! $25/month goes a long way to supporting the horses in the rescue!

Monthly donations are so very important as it ensures the viability of the rescue for the future. FUnds we can count on to help horses in need!

Have a family member that has it all? Sponsor a horse in their name! Know someone that would LOVE to have a horse, but just can't due to living situation etc? Sponsor a horse in their name! It is a very rewarding gift to know you are helping an animal in need!

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