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Mom and Baby Program

Registered Name: Friends for Life International

Business No: 805860715RR0001

Mom and Baby Program

Funded by Friends for Life International, the Mom and Baby Program has a goal of providing medical services and education to over 150 impoverished mothers within the region of Yamasa, Dominican Republic.

Many of our Moms are kids raising kids and haven’t been taught how to properly care for themselves during pregnancy or how their body works. Of all the programs within Friends for Life International, the Mom and Baby Program has the biggest impact on local communities. Healthier and better educated mothers leads to healthier children and villages.

100% of the money raised goes directly to supporting local doctors and nurses who provide care to pregnant women and their children.  The program needs financial support to continue providing necessary medicine, medical services from local doctors and gynecologists, and education about basic health practices for mothers and their kids.