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Friends of High Park Zoo

Registered Name: Friends of High Park Zoo

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Friends of High Park Zoo


FHPZ believes in High Park Zoo, in having a free Zoo in the heart of Toronto’s largest park.  Since 1893 generations of families have made wonderful memories at High Park Zoo and it is FHPZ’s vision to ensure there is always a free community Zoo in High Park for generations to come.  Our mission is to support High Park Zoo for the benefit of all visitors by leading activities that engage the community, while advancing education and awareness of the Zoo.  On February 10, 2021 FHPZ became a registered charity in Canada.

2012-2014 Saving the Zoo: Friends of High Park Zoo (FHPZ) was formed in 2012 to raise the funds necessary to ensure that the Zoo remained open in the wake of City budget cuts.  With City funding restored for operations in 2014, FHPZ’s focus shifted to an ambitious multi-phase, multiple year capital project called the Master Plan (“MP”). 

2016-2021 MP Phase 1 COMPLETED:  The complete rebuild of the llama and capybara home providing almost double the indoor space for animals and an enhanced outdoor space for programming.  The fully funded $800,000 construction began October 2020, with completion expected in August 2021. 

2016-2024 MP Phase 2 FUNDED:  Phase 2, with an estimated cost of $3.55 million, is planned and permits obtained with an expected construction start in spring 2023.  FHPZ in partnership with the City of Toronto (the “City”) recently received the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (“ICIP”) grant of $2.6 million.  The City will provide $750,000 and FHPZ has committed an additional $200,000.  Aimed at providing a more park-like experience, the road running through the Zoo will be resurfaced without the use of barrier curbs and provide barrier-free routes to all animal enclosures, plant and stone bioswales will be implemented to reduce flooding and improve stormwater management, the manure pit will be enclosed, additional gardens and trees using only native species will provide more shade and greenery. 


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