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Business Number: 891313199RR0001

COVID-19 Emergency Fund for the Children of Nuevo Paraiso

Campaign Ended March 29, 2020

Even though we are struggling with a changing world around us, the vulnerable children in Honduras are struggling even more so. The well-being of the children is our highest priority.

One staff person in Honduras had this to say: "The circumstances in Honduras are alarming for the children in our care. In an effort to contain the virus, the country has been in lock-down, including closing ports, stopping public transportation, and curfews enforced by police. Those found in violation of the curfew are arrested. Right now the caregivers are taking good care of the children but it is difficult to get food to them with access shut down."

The good news is that the quarantine for the children comes to an end today and no one is showing signs of COVID-19. And, this coming weekend, for a short period of time, the curfew will be lifted and stores open so that people can get food and supplies.  Can you help feed the children?

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