Friends of Sam Waller Museum


Business Number: 888620127RR0001

The Friends of Sam Waller Museum (FofSWM) endowment fund has been created to provide an investment reserve for the long term financial security of the Museum.  Donations made to this fund are held in trust in perpetuity, with the annual interest earned on the fund forming an ongoing contribution to the Museum's operations.  The intention of the Friends of Sam Waller Museum is to grow the Endowment Fund over time to the point where the annual interest from the Fund will supply a significant portion of the Museum's ongoing operating costs.  All contributions to the Endowment Fund will help build a legacy in The Pas and area, ensuring that our rich history and heritage are preserved for future generations through the work of the Museum.  If you would like more information on the work of the Friends of Sam Waller Museum, contact staff at the Sam Waller Museum.  Contributions to the Endowment Fund in any amount will help the fund grow and are greatly appreciated.  Receipts for income tax purposes are issued for all donations.

Other ways of contributing to the Friends of Sam Waller Museum Endowment Fund:

Bequest: by remembering the FofSWM Endowment Fund in your will, you can leave a legacy supporting your interests at the Museum.  Your estate will receive a donation receipt for the full amount of the bequest which can assist in reducing the tax payable on your final income tax return.

Life Insurance: a gift of life insurance can be an affordable way for you to make a future major gift to the Museum while enjoying tax relief during your lifetime.  For example, if you make the FofSWM Endowment Fund the owner and beneficiary of a life insurance policy, you are entitled to a donation receipt for the value of the policy.  If premiums are still owing, you are also eligible for a donation receipt for each premium paid.  Or by designating the FofSWM Endowment Fund as teh beneficiary of your policy (or Group Life, RRSP, RRIF, or annuity) your estate can take advantage of the tax relief.

Friends of Sam Waller Museum

P.O. Box 185

The Pas, MB R9A 1K4

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