Friends of St. John's 2021 (FOSJ 2021)


Business Number: 888765369RR0001

Sometimes it takes more than one candle to create an attention-seeking flame.  This is especially true when that flame is meant to ignite the curiosity and generosity of like-minded people who share in a love of small town Gothic Revival architecture in small town Ontario.  We really need your help.

We, FOSJ 2021 (Friends of St. John's), are a dedicated group of volunteers, mostly seniors, working tirelessly to save an architectural gem, St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church in Prescott, ON Canada, by raising funds to redo the roof and restore this limestone beauty to her former glory.  Designed by Thomas Seaton Scott, St. John's is in critical need of care, having lived through more than 155 Canadian winters.  The bustling town of Prescott is a mere shadow of what it once was when a Church so grand was necessary.  2018 finds more empty pews than ever and any talk of financing a restoration returns a silent echo.  

The aging congregation at St. John's has dwindled to less than 50 and although they do their best to maintain an active and vibrant parish, they can't be expected to do more.  In 2021 this Anglican congregation will celebrate it's 200th anniversary.   FOSJ 2021 would love nothing more than to have our Gothic Revival building restored with a new roof, ready for another 200 years of service to small town Ontario.

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