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The Bee Cause

First, we issued an urgent call for a ban on bee-harmful pesticides and practices and a change to how pesticides are registered in Canada.

Taking the Pest Management Regulatory Agency to court to challenge their “approve first, study the science later” approach showed how important decisions on bee-toxic pesticides can help shape future decisions on all pesticides.

Then, we challenged the market place!

Due to our multi-year flower testing, most garden centres now offer you neonic-free flowering plants where you can do your best for bees in your garden.

We researched what Canadians know about their wild, native bees.

In our national poll, almost seven out of ten did not know the pollinating role of wild, native bees cannot be replaced by honey bees. But, Canadians clearly love their bees.

A new analysis of FOE’s bee poll by bee scientists finds that “Understanding the general public’s knowledge and perceptions of an issue can help drive action on the part of decision‐makers. Such understanding is critical when decision‐makers are faced with multiple stakeholders, which is the case with biodiversity conservation issues.” Read the paper.

So now, the Bee Cause is a campaign to save all bees while educating Canadians about the state of their wild, native bees.