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Clean Green Community Scene

Campaign Ends June 30, 2021

$20,000 for $3.00!!!    Hey donate a minimum of $3.00 to the Friends of the Saskatoon Afforestation Areas Inc. in June, 2020, through this page which enters our charity in the Great Canadian Giving Challenge and our charity will have a chance to win $20,000!  This way you can do your part to stop illegal motorized trespass, illegal dumping, and protect endangered species.  Wow!  Cool Beans!  A parking lot costs $20,000!!!

Creating a safe environment in the Saskatoon Afforestation Areas through the Clean Green Community Scene and the 2020 Green Vision opens opportunity for rehabilitation and restoration of degraded areas and revitalizing the semi-wilderness habitat.

The coming together of community to rally in action for the protection of human health and the environment creates a sense of ownership and pride.  This reclamation and restoration of a public natural area creates a safer community space where crime is mitigated. The appearance of public spaces as a neglected and abandoned area is replaced with a vibrant, safe greenspace welcoming for not only the general public to appreciate, but also for teachers and classroom groups to enjoy outdoor eco-classroom activities.

Why? Read our

2020 Green Vision


2020 Green Vision Condensed for your Smart Phone!

Did you know? You can receive as much as 53% back through charity tax deductions.

Any size donation large or small helps enormously!

“Every penny counts!”

To make a large impact, and transform the Saskatoon Afforestation Areas donations of any size make a huge difference.

“With open hearts and open hands, we gave what we could, and a little became a lot.” –from Give a Little

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