THE ADVENTURE BEGINS HERE!!!Outdoor learning : FUN, FRIENDS & MEMORIES Excellent, friendly, qualified, caring staff, 1:4 staff-to-camper with1-7 week sessions for co-ed ages 6-16 Frontier Trails is a


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Our Long-term Vision In support of community, church, and families, Frontier Trails will strive to ignite a dream in the hearts of young people and mentor these young people through the years to become everything they can be. Our Standard Camp is for the camper, not necessarily for the ease, convenience, or enjoyment of the staff. Social and emotional development will be encouraged within the camp community. Healthy relationships with others will be emphasized by recognizing the value of other individuals.  

A Unique Environment Camp’s Setting in Nature We seek to take away the normal distractions of today’s world and to provide a compassionate, caring, fun and safe atmosphere through every activity. Deep unanswered questions often lay dormant in the human heart until someone cares enough to mine them out. Frontier Trails activities will be experiential in nature and show respect for the essential differences and values of campers who participate together.

The goal will be to allow the natural environment in which camping takes place to dictate to us the kinds of activities and programming which will meet the needs of each camper, young and old, for physical as well as spiritual well being. This suggests that Singing, Storytime,  crafts, recreation, etc., at camp, be, as much as possible, done in the context of the natural environment and that the natural environment will suggest and shape much of the programming.

In all of this, the most important person at camp is the camper; and our goal for him or her includes personal Christian faith and growth, a sense of personal achievement in some phase of camping and a healthy relationship with others, and a positive experience of camping.

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