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Registered Name: FURNITURE BANK

Business No: 872531843RR0001

Furniture Bank collects gently used furniture and household goods from the community, and transfers them to families in need.



Founded in 1998, Furniture Bank is a Toronto-based charity and social enterprise with a mission to break the cycle of furniture poverty.

There are tens of thousands of agencies working with the five million Canadians experiencing poverty to find housing, but as soon as clients have keys in their hands, most social programs end. These houses, however, are not homes. They might have walls and doors and ceilings, but without tables and chairs, and beds and pots and pans, the newcomers, refugees, women, children, and families emerging from crises continue to experience poverty—furniture poverty.

At Furniture Bank, we respond to this devastating reality by transferring unwanted furniture and household goods donated by the community to people who are coming out of crisis.

We work in partnership with over 200 community agencies to assist people who are economically vulnerable including​​ women and children leaving shelters, the formerly homeless, Indigenous, those struggling with mental health, LGBTQ+, BIPOC, newcomers and refugees who require furniture and household goods for their homes, a service that enhances both psychological and financial stability.

We collect 70,000 furniture items and serve over 3,600 families annually. Since our inception, we have given over 121,859 individuals and their families a new start on life through fully furnishing their homes.

Your gift is far more than the furniture. Your gift provides the psychological, physical and financial benefits that come with the security of a home. Thank you for your help turning houses into homes. 


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