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Galiano Health Care Society


Business Number: 118934785RR0001

Building Health Care for our Future

Campaign Ended Sept. 30, 2018

We have outgrown our Health Care Centre!

Our board is responsible for the management and operations of the Galiano Health Care Centre, which is the only Medical Care and Emergency Treatment facility on Galiano Island.

This Clinic services the health care need of the 1135-fulltime residents and the thousands of people who come as tourists or vacation property owners. The clinic itself was built twenty-six years ago and has now become too small to meet the needs of the ever-growing gulf islands population. We have managed to raise over $350,00.00 locally to expand and renovate the existing building to better serve the community. We need another $350,000.00 to pay for the project and have started a targeted fundraising campaign in the hopes of getting another $150,000.00 before we go to the bank for financing. 

Our facility is not just a Medical Clinic. We run mental health clinics, Aging in Place and Better at Home programs, Nutritional guidance workshops as well as being the home to a dentist and dental hygiene program, physiotherapist, massage therapist foot care specialist, blood lab and community and public health nurses. We have a full time doctor and full time nurse practitioner as well as mental health councilors working from the clinic as well. Our focus is to maintain the health and well being of the community and its visitors with the many programs we offer and the costs of these programs are paid for totally by grants and fundraisers. 

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