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5 Reasons to Give

Campaign Ended Nov. 30, 2019

Gallery TPW Needs You!

Since 1977, Gallery TPW has led the charge in advocating for artists' rights and forging new pathways in the presentation of lens-based media. 2019 promises to be one of our most ambitious year yet as we continue to drive critical conversation and work to build upon this prodigious history.

Your contribution directly impacts our ability to sustain these vital programs, extend our reach, and thrive as a responsive, forward-looking institution. We can't do it without you, and we wouldn't want to!

5 Reasons to Give:

Gallery TPW / EXPLORES the creative potential of images and their social, historical, political and cultural contexts.

Gallery TPW / CHAMPIONS risk-taking and experimentation, research in cross-disciplinary dialogue, visual literacy & collective learning.

Gallery TPW / PRESENTS and commissions new work by emerging and mid-career local, national and international artists.

Gallery TPW / ADVOCATES for an expansive arts ecology that includes everyone. We acknowledge the specific experiences of individuals and cultural communities and we work to create conditions to engage those experiences with integrity.

Gallery TPW / CULTIVATES and sustains dynamic peer relationships with our fellow institutions and strives to be a good neighbour. 

5 Ways to Give:

$150+ Supporters Circle Tax receipt for the maximum allowable amount, 2 Photorama preview tickets, Recognition on website, Reciprocal admission to OAAG member galleries.

$500+ Associates Circle All Supporters Circle benefits, Recognition on TPW wall, 2 Silver Editions launch tickets, Framing discount at Superframe and printing discount at Toronto Image Works.

$2,000+ Contemporaries Circle All Associates Circle benefits, 2 additional Photorama preview tickets (4 total), 2 additional Silver Editions launch tickets (4 total), 10% discount on Silver Editions Invitation to a private event with artists (such as a studio visit, talk, or dinner).

$5,000+ Leaders Circle All Contemporaries Circle benefits, Invitation to multiple private events with artists, Additional 5% discount on Silver Editions (15% total), Exhibition-brochure sponsorship opportunity.

$10,000+ Director’s Council All Leaders Circle benefits, Discounted Gallery TPW venue-rental rate, Exhibition-sponsorship opportunity.

For more information or to get involved, please contact Kate Wivell, Administration & Development Coordinator, at kate @ or (416) 645-1066. 

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