Garry Oak Ecosystems Recovery Team

Registered Name: GOERT Garry Oak Ecosystems Recovery Team Society

Business Number: 843007816RR0001

Bring Back the Bluebirds

Western Bluebirds are once again breeding on Vancouver Island after being considered locally extinct for almost 20 years! As we enter our fourth season, donations are needed to continue the releases of breeding pairs that will sustain population growth at this critical stage. With your support, we can continue to release additional breeding pairs, work with landowners to install nestboxes and improve habitat, conduct invaluable community outreach, and monitor the population throughout the 2015 breeding season.

To learn more about this initiative, please visit our website.

How much does it take to Bring Back the Bluebirds?

  • $10 builds a cedar nestbox that will house many generations of baby bluebirds and other native cavity nesters
  • $30 trains a volunteer to mount and monitor bluebird nestboxes
  • $308 feeds the entire reintroduced bluebird population for 2 weeks
  • $1,025 supports the care and monitoring of bluebirds while they acclimatize to their release site in a temporary aviary
  • $5,000 brings a breeding pair of Western Bluebirds from a healthy population in southern Washington to Vancouver Island where they are released into historic Garry Oak habitats in the Cowichan Valley

Support the return of this gentle songbird, a beacon of hope for the conservation of rare and endangered Garry Oak ecosystems.