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Community Development in Tajikistan

Registered Name: Impact Bridges Group Inc.

Business No: 843092297RR0001

Community Development in Tajikistan

Impact Bridges Group is working with Central Asian Partnership (CAP), a humanitarian aid organization working in villages in Tajikistan.  One of these areas is with the Parya people group. They are found in the Hissar Valley in Tajikistan, in the Surkhandarya Valley in Uzbekistan, and some in Afghanistan, in the Laghman province, which is northeast of Kabul. They are a people group that is looked down on by others here and generally has a low standard of living. They are mostly farmers. 

We are raising funds totaling $27,500 to build a community center in this area, which could be used for town meetings, weddings, classes for adults in healthy life style living or other subjects. CAP has an excellent working relationship with the community.  Based on experience, we know how important it is to have a place for the community to meet.  There is evidence to show that when community members have an ability to meet together it improves not only governance aspects, but also extends to improving economic and social development.

CAPs believes that key pieces of the puzzle in changing the system is looking for inequity and teaching people to take responsibility for their lives, CAPS looks to serve and include vulnerable people in the center of its efforts... to see them included, barriers reduced, and give them the tools to make good decisions that has benefits for all of the community and especially for marginalized members.  For this project, CAPs will use local men from the village to complete the work. As we work with the local leadership and individuals living in the community, we will be encouraging accountability, honesty, hard work and servanthood in all participants.