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Ukraine Emergency Response

Registered Name: Impact Bridges Group Inc.

Business No: 843092297RR0001

Ukraine Emergency Response

The Ukraine war is beginning to have a mental and physical toll on many people.  It has been almost two years since the war began.  The front-line soldiers will often come to mind, but others are still trapped in the war zone, as well as those who have escaped to other parts of the country, but are continually anxious about not knowing the whereabouts of loved ones or the fact that they are facing an unknown future.  Impact Bridges Group is working with Hosanna Church to address these issues.  

Within Ukraine, there is mounting trauma for many people especially for those women who are pregnant and without their partner or other family support.  Among others, Hosanna has recently set up a Crisis Care Center for women. 

Hosanna is using the rooms within their facilities to assist internally displaced people by providing sleeping and dining rooms.  Regularly, Hosanna is transporting people to Lviv from directly affected war areas.  

Since the beginning of the war, Hosanna has been working as a distributor of supplies, including food, emergency medicine, personal hygiene items, blankets, mattresses, and throughout the winter-appropriate clothing and means of heating living spaces.  This has included the purchase of diesel generators.

More recently, Impact Bridges Group have been working with entrepreneurs to help them find work outside of Ukraine and for others helping to strengthen their businesses.  In Lviv, Impact Bridges Group has been able to support a software company with contracts and other support.