Gems for Gems


Business Number: 795047083RR0001

Gems for Gems is a Calgary based registered charity with a mission to end the cycle of domestic abuse through empowering and educating survivors.

Your contributions are so very appreciated and will be used in support of our Gems for Gems Scholarship Program through which, survivors and their children will be given a new life.

It is our belief that education is the key to unlocking not only the ability to gain a career, but also that enables the growth within each woman needed to take a leadership role in their family.

These ladies arrive at the shelters devastated after years of every kind of torture imaginable, and sometimes, the unimaginable. Their children can not comprehend what they have seen, heard, think or feel. Confusion sets in, then anger, then more confusion follows as they attempt to make sense of it all.

We are asking for your help in ending this cycle for as many women and children as possible. This is a global epidemic which needs men and women to act now. Please join us and become part of this movement to create the spark needed to build a fire within these incredibly strong women.

They are waiting for our help… lets show them they aren’t alone.

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