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Our Mission

The Global Youth Education Network Society (genius) works to build capacity in the progressive social change sector through leadership, civic engagement, intergenerational collaboration, and social change innovation.

About genius

The Global Youth Education Network Society (genius) is a federally registered charity whose mission is to build capacity in the progressive social change sector. Next Up Leadership Program, Organize BC and Hua Foundation are three of our biggest current projects that you can contribute to here.

Next Up is a leadership program for young people committed to social and environmental justice. We offer programs of varying lengths and focus on 7 cities across Canada: Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg and Ottawa.  Together, in a workshop setting, we explore how change is made in society by meeting and learning from some of the most innovative change-makers in Canada.

Organize BC is a collaborative leadership training program for community organizers across British Columbia. Our mission is to strengthen the skills and connections of emerging organizers who are creating progressive change across BC, through training, coaching and community-building. Since 2013, we've trained over 400 community leaders in 9 communities throughout BC, from Victoria to Burns Lake to Penticton.

Hua Foundation is a youth-driven non-profit based in Vancouver, Canada dedicated to bringing together the worlds of cultural heritage and social change with an environmental lens. Hua’s mission is to create and support community-based solutions that honour our individual histories and collective heritage to strengthen our community’s capacity for social change.

What People Are Saying

"After Next Up, I'm more confident about myself to continue the work towards creating a healthier world for future generations to come."

— Leigh Thomas, Student, University of Saskatchewan

"I deeply value the relationships that have been fostered through Next Up."

— Shelby Tay, Energy + Engagement, Prism

"Next Up has guided me in critically analyzing what my role is as a community organizer and, more broadly, what a just and equitable province would look like."

— Davida Bentham, Law Student, University of Saskatchewan

"Next Up has forever changed and broadened my social lens in a way that I cannot imagine myself without now. "

— Claudia Li, Shark Truth founder

"Next Up gave me multiple new perspectives, alternative narratives, a toolkit of skills, and growing confidence to engage in social justice work I am passionate about. "

— Shereen Kukha-Bryson, Graduate Student, University of Victoria

"The skills and tools I have received from being in the Next Up program will definitely shape my future endeavors."

— Craig Edes, Independent Music Professional

"Next Up has helped me to develop my ideas of what it is to be 'active' and how to do that in a constructive fashion."

— Nancy Bedingfield, United Nurses of Alberta, Local 211

"My biggest takeaway from Next Up is a deeper understanding of the connectedness of various injustices. "

— Caitlin Peiris, Dietician at Women's Health Clinic, Winnipeg

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