GGHG Society

Registered Name: Governor General's Horse Guards Cavalry and Historical Society Inc.

Business Number: 825940281RR0001

Our Mission

The Governor General’s Horse Guard’s Cavalry and Historical Society was established as a charitable corporation to support the Regimental Family and help preserve the proud history of Canada’s most senior Reserve Unit.

About GGHG Society

- The Society supports the Cavalry as it complements the Governor General Horse Guards (GGHG) with its ceremonial responsibilities by providing a Squadron of volunteer, mounted cavalry on many occasions.

- The Cavalry provides demonstrations of military equitation at public events, town fairs, international competitions and events honouring or celebrating the Governor General of Canada, members of the Royal Family, the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario and other personages.

- The Society acquires uniforms, equipment and ceremonial attire as may be required by the Cavalry Squadron and the Regiment that is not otherwise provided by the Department of National Defence.

- The Society acquires and maintains regimental artifacts related to the over 200 year history of the GGHG.

- The Society is supported by donations from individuals, foundations and corporations interested in the equestrian and historical activities of the GGHG.

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