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Our charity built and maintains a school/community centre in Jocotenango, Guatemala.  More than 250 children attend from pre-primary up to Grade 9.  The school is a safe haven for these children who live in a dangerous environment.  We have a fully equipped medical centre for those that need medical attention which they cannot afford.  The school focuses on academic achievement but also combines education with the arts. All children in the school are introduced to and participate in art, dance, music, computer studies, breakdancing, photography, poetry and sports such as soccer.  The centre is also open in the evenings and weekends for youth to come and participate in the above activities.  It is the only centre of its kind in Jocotenango where we are assisting such a diverse age group.

Guatemala has one of the highest crime rates in the Latin world, but we are keeping these kids off the streets and away from the problems of alcoholism, drugs and gangs.

Our charity is entirely administered by volunteers.  We do not charge administration fees nor have salaries.  100% of your donation goes to the children and youth.  We pay all our own travel expenses and lodgings while in Guatemala.  The directors travel to Guatemala several times a year to monitor our program and its achievements.

Give Kids A Chance Foundation is a registered Canadian Charity.

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