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Global Friends Foundation

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GOAT - Gaining Opportunity to Achieve and Triumph

Campaign Ended July 31, 2019

GOAT  |  Gaining Opportunities to Achieve and Thrive

Goats are so much more than cute little farm animals....

for many, they provide nourishment and a means to overcome poverty.  

Global Friends' GOAT program provides needy families in Africa with sustainable source of food and revenue. We are proud of this programs that delivers nutrition, education and income.

Our focus is on providing widows caring for more than three children (their own grandchildren or other orphans). Global Friends donates a minimum of 5 goats to a community at a time and our recipients benefit from milk to drink and learning skills in  animal husbandry business management.  

We have a unique model which requires recipients to donate baby goats from an original pair  on to another family until every family in the community has at least one pair of goats. When that's complete, we move on to the next community. Please help us help others with a donation.

1 Baby - $75      1 Female - $125        1 Male and Female pair - $250

Thank you!


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