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The Golden Women's Centre Society is a non-profit charity, dedicated to the safety and empowerment of women. We provide a safe environment, support, information, resources, outreach services, education and advocacy for women and the issues that affect them.

The Golden Women’s Centre Society supports the empowerment of women locally and globally by building women’s individual capacity, acting as a catalyst for change and leading the way to a non-violent, socially just, healthy, and diverse society.


The Golden Women’s Centre Society provides a safe, non-judgmental, and positive place for women and their children to come together, get support, access services, relax, or simply unwind with a cup of coffee or tea in our cozy lounge.  Women and children fleeing violence can access our safe, comfortable, and confidential shelter in addition to supports, and information surrounding their options and rights. We work one on one with women because we recognize that each situation is unique and there is no one size fits all solution for women experiencing abuse.  We are leaders in the community and we build towards developing a strong support network by coordinating projects with community partners and service providers, to ensure that our community has an organized, informed, and supportive response to violence in relationships and sexual assault. We offer programming for local girls designed to build confidence and resiliency, as well as educational and preventative programs for all local youth with the goal of promoting healthy relationships, engaging youth in meaningful conversations about gender based violence, and connecting youth to important information and services.  We also work to raise awareness surrounding issues of violence and inequality as well as educate the community on how everyone can create positive change. By donating to our organization, you are allowing us to do what we do. Thank you for supporting us and joining us in the movement towards a non-violent and socially just future.

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