Goodhearts Transplant Foundation

Registered Name: Goodhearts Transplant Foundation

Business Number: 827062720RR0001

Our Mission

The GoodHearts Mentoring Foundation is a group of organ recipients and caregivers who provide peer support to transplant candidates, recipients and their caregivers, and family members.

GoodHearts wants to:

- make Albertans aware of the tremendous benefits of organ and tissue transplantation

- encourage public and family discussion of organ and tissue donation

- urge individuals to sign donor cards

About Goodhearts Transplant Foundation

Core values of the GoodHearts Mentoring Foundation are:

Love expressed unconditionally by the mentor toward the participant, family and/or caregiver.

Compassion, Sensitivity, and Empathy toward the participant, family and/or caregiver when listening and providing support.

Caring spirit demonstrated through the meeting of participant, family and/or caregiver needs be it emotional, social or spiritual.

Honesty when addressing questions and concerns of the participant, family and/or caregiver.

Respect for participant, family and/or caregiver's privacy and personal wishes.

Non-judgmental toward the actions and choices of the participant, family and/or caregiver.

Patient when listening, sharing, and working with the participant, family, and/or caregiver.

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