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Chile Wildfire Appeal


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Chile Wildfire Appeal
In February 2024, Central Chile began to experience devastating and uncontrollable wildfires. So far, hundreds of people have been killed, and thousands of homes have been burnt down, affecting several thousand children and families and leaving them without access to the most basic items to survive.
Good Neighbours is providing vital emergency relief, through:
  • Food, water, and sanitation 
  • Clothing, protective equipment, and non-food items (including kitchen kits, school materials, construction materials)
  • Socio-emotional support (including vital response for affected children and their families, carried out in shelter and accommodation centers).

In the spirit of being good neighbours, Canada is rallying support to aid our friends in Chile facing the devastating impact of these wildfires.

Good Neighbours Canada aims to extend a helping hand to those affected, fostering solidarity and compassion across borders. Your contribution will make a meaningful difference, providing crucial assistance to communities grappling with the aftermath of these destructive wildfires.

Together, as good neighbours, we can offer support, comfort, and help rebuild the lives of those affected by this natural disaster.