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Türkiye and Syria Earthquake Crisis Appeal


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Türkiye and Syria Earthquake Crisis Appeal

23 million people have been affected by the 7.7 richter Kahramanmaraş Earthquake of February 6th, with more than 46,000 fatalities and over 88,500 injuries and counting. Survivors now are at risk of long-term psychological damage as the international response begins to slow down.

On February 7, Good Neighbors dispatched our first initial assessment team. After some initial struggles getting into Syria due to travel restrictions, Good Neighbors is proud to announce that, in partnership with local organizations who have an established network in each country, our long-term support is being implemented in both Türkiye and Syria. 

We have been providing immediate emergency relief through distributions of temporary shelters, heaters, clean water, protection for vulnerable children, and critically needed healthcare. Now, we are on to stage 2; psychosocial support, child protection, and the implementation of longer-term community recovery activities. As the most destructive earthquake globally in 13 years, the value of consistent, long-term support over the coming months and years cannot be underestimated.

Our thoughts go out to families shocked by loss of loved ones, individuals in search of rescue responses, and all those who are affected by the uncertainty surrounding this dangerous earthquake. 

Thank you for your cooperation and generosity in giving to aid those in need. We appreciate your support.