GoodSeed Canada

Registered Name: GOODSEED CANADA

Business Number: 888647179RR0001

GoodSeed provides tools and training to help Bible believers explain the gospel in a way that makes profound sense. Though the tools were originally designed for people who have absolutely no knowledge of the Bible, we have found that whether you have been saved for 3 days or 33 years, the GoodSeed resources can be instrumental in building confidence in the Word of God and boldness in faith.

Our key tools are patterned after the explanation of the gospel that Jesus gave to the disciples on the road to Emmaus. They start at Creation and move progressively through the Old Testament, laying foundations, so that when you come to the New Testament, a person can clearly understand who Jesus is and what he did on the Cross. All the key GoodSeed tools are built using this creation to the cross architecture.

Each tool is worldview sensitive, designed for people from Islamic, Eastern or Christianized backgrounds. You can give away the tools like a gospel tract or you can sit down and use them to guide a Bible study.

This is all for the purpose of explaining the gospel message clearly.

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