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The Big Red Church

Campaign Ends Sept. 30, 2020

The rose window in The Big Red Church (the faith community of Gordon King Memorial United Church) has been a hallmark of the Glenelm community for more than a century. Glass work and framing technologies were not as advanced a hundred years ago as they are today. Over time, the frames that hold the intricate stained glass have warped and deteriorated, allowing water to enter and contributing to further deterioration.

This fundraising initiative is to restore The Big Red Church’s rose window to its original state and protect it from further damage. It will entail repairing the wooden and metal frames that support the window, as well as replacing the external glass with a dual-paned glass. The project will allow The Big Red Church to conserve the rose window in the historic building.

Symbolism of the Rose window: represents the Holy Trinity and unity; as such, they are reminders of the miracle of life.

Fun fact: Size of the rose window is 14.5 feet in diameter, located above the first-floor balcony to the left of the church’s main entrance.

FUNDS NEEDED:  $35,000.00 to match the generous grant given by the Thomas Cropo Foundation

$350 raised out of $35,000 goal

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