Business Number: 892902164RR0001

Crystal Kids formed in 1992 has been doing integral work with at-risk youth, families and seniors for 22 years. Federally: We are a Registered Charity with Canada Revenue Agency since April 1993. Our Charitable Registration Number is 892902164RR0001. Provincially: We are a Non-Profit Society registered with and licensed in the Province of Alberta since December 1992. Our Corporate Access Number is 505492108. Our Provincial Charity License Number is 309891. Municipally: We are a licensed Non-Profit Organization with the City of Edmonton. Our City Business License Number is 654122-006.

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Crystal Kids Formal Objectives are: 

To relieve poverty by providing food and other basic necessities of life to homeless and impoverished youth in Edmonton, Alberta.

To address and prevent problems faced by youth by operating a supervised youth drop-in centre that provides structured programs directed toward preventing abuse, school dissociation, criminal activity, and promoting academics, self-esteem, leadership, teamwork, and creativity.

To relieve conditions associated with the aged by providing a weekly breakfast program to impoverished senior citizens in Edmonton, Alberta. The centre is open to all youth ages 6 - 17 Mon through Sat & Wednesdays for Seniors. All programs are FREE of charge!

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