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About Grace Hospital Foundation

The Grace Hospital Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to enhancing patient care at the Grace Hospital through the funding of vital equipment and programs.

The Grace Hospital Foundation funds enhancements that would not otherwise be provided by the government and helps ensure that every patient at The Grace has access to the best care possible.

Future Project

Your support helps assure that our patients have the very best in new diagnostic technology. The planned improvements include a Gamma Camera, additional CT Scanner and Ultrasound, Digital X-Ray, and Echocardiogram services. When the project is complete, our hospital will be better equipped for our growing role in the health care system.

Past Projects

Your support funds several projects aiming to better the quality of improvements to Grace Hospital. Your support has provided:

• $6 million to build a new Emergency Department and MRI Suite 

• $2.5 million to build Grace Hospice

• $1 million to purchase a CT Scanner

• $1 million to upgrade our General and Urology Operating room suites

• $700,000 to build a teaching Clinical Simulation Lab

• $150,000 to provide the entire facility with Wi-Fi


Your support provides more than $250,000 each year to purchase medical equipment, which includes items such as Workstations On Wheels (WOWs), Vocera badges, Bladder Scanners, wheelchairs, and beds. Thank you for assuring Grace Hospital has the most up-to-date equipment.


Your support provides a $10,000 annual grant for research projects conducted on-site at Grace Hospital. This research has a tangible impact on care at The Grace. 


Your support provides $18,000 each year in special programs for Grace Hospital, such as the Music Therapy Program and Art at the Bedside through Manitoba Artists in Health Care. We also do a lot of work with our volunteer department with programs such as Hospice Tea, Bird Feeders, and the Patient Book Cart. Thanks to you, these programs can provide great comfort and enjoyment to our patients.

About the Grace Hospital

Grace Hospital is a community hospital that has been supporting the health care needs of Manitobans for over 100 years.

The Grace Hospital is a 251–bed facility that offers a full spectrum of health care services. These services include: Emergency, Intensive Care, Surgery, Occupational Therapy, Internal Medicine, Physiotherapy, Respiratory Therapy, Social Work Services, Diagnostic Imaging and more.

At Grace Hospital, we see the person first and understand that each person’s health care needs are unique and special. We provide all care with hope, healing and compassion.

What People Are Saying

"I just wanted to take a moment to try to put into words how incredibly grateful I am for the knowledge, professionalism, and compassion of the staff that work at your location. Everyone – I do mean EVERYONE – who I met while I was at The Grace was accommodating, professional, friendly, and human."

— Mark Patryluk

"The excellent care and attention my husband received from the moment he entered emergency, during his surgery and during his care after was wonderful. Friendly, prompt, extensive, thorough, helpful and informative. Thank you very much."

— Leanna Ballock

"I only have positive things to say about the care my husband received in the six days he spent here. The staff were always available to help and friendly and caring. The atmosphere is very positive and I hope you can maintain that reputation. After all, it is the people that matter."

— Anonymous

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