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Grace that Reigns Society:  

Grace that Reigns is a Catholic Ministry dedicated to Evangelizing the work of God's Grace by renewing your Sense of Wonder. 

Mission Statement: To Renew Your Sense of Wonder.

1.  To Renew a Sense of Awe, freshness and Wonder for ourselves, for our Faith, and for our relationship with Jesus.

2.  To encourage Catholics to feel positive about themselves and for their journey of faith  by identifying  religious,  personal roadblocks, stereotypes, old ideas and preconceptions that hold us back from living a dynamic life of prayer.

3.  To bring awareness of God’s divine Presence - Alive in this world - through the Sacraments, through our retreats, workshops, sharings, stories and testimonies of God's healing presence in our daily lives and through the charisms given to us by the church.


Who we are:

Grace that Reigns Society was founded by Jacqueline Loh, a lay individual and Bishop Emeritus Ronald M. Gilmore from the Diocese of Dodge City, Kansas.  We have been brought together by a common desire to share what God’s Grace means and to evangelize to others how God’s loving Supernatural Grace changes lives. Grace that Reigns has 2 growing chapters: One in Vancouver, Canada and the other out of Dodge City, Kansas. U.S.A.


A Missionary Presence:  

Bishop Gilmore and Jacqueline Loh travel together to offer Parish Missions, Days of recollection, Retreats, and Clergy Days, where we speak mainly about the topic of Grace and how God's Supernatural presence works in our lives.

The lay members of Grace that Reigns Society pray together for our participants and our priests. Through their own personal stories, they evangelize the work of God's Grace acting in their lives through simple acts, and deeds while helping others to recieve ' Grace ' through Wonder. 


A Healing Presence:  ” God’s Grace changes Lives. “

We have received many letters from pastors and lay persons alike testifying to God's Graces healing touch in their lives through the missions offered by Bishop Gilmore and Jacqueline Loh and through the Society Members whose desire it is to interecede of all. 

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HELP US Bring " Grace " into your lives through Grace that Reigns Ministry.

At the moment, we do not receive any money from the Archdiocese or any Large organized group.  We depend SOLEY on our families, friends of Grace that Reigns and those of you who have experienced ' God's Healing Grace ' through our ministry.

1. Your monthly donation makes it possible for us to reach out and travel to rural communities pray and minister for them, while helping them to recieve ' Grace ' through Wonder.  

2. Your donation makes it possible for us to produce a number of books containing prayers, reflections and information to help guide people into their own personal renewal. 

3.  Your donation makes it possible for Jacqueline Loh to continue this work of service as a full time missionary so that she can help bring God's healing Grace to your friends. 

 If you believe in or have experienced the redemptive power of God's Grace in your life, please partner with us by sponsoring the work that we do. We thank you and may the Love of God be with you always.  Bishop and I continue to pray that God Blesses you Every day in every way. 

 We are available to offer your group or parish a retreat, please visit us at and email 

What People Are Saying

" I would highly recommend Grace That Reigns Ministry if you are looking for divine healing and a deeper understanding of prayer. They certainly did Renew a Sense of Wonder for Jesus in our Parish."

— Fr. Don Bedore, Prince of Peace Parish, Great Bend, Kansas

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