Citizens' Counselling Centre


Business Number: 118946904RR0001

Our Mission

The Greater Victoria Citizens' Counselling Centre assists adult community members in attaining socially and psychologically satisfying lives by providing quality, accessible, volunteer counselling services.

We believe that every person has the right to access quality counselling services regardless of ability to pay. The Centre has a sliding fee scale based on family income.

We believe that people are resourceful and are capable of making choices and decisions for themselves. We focus on helping clients find their own solutions and the means to make constructive changes.

The Centre was established as a non-profit society in 1969. We are a United Way community partner and receive a grant from the BC Gaming Commission. Our programs are also funded through our fee for service and through individual donations.

About Citizens' Counselling Centre

Individual and Couple Counselling:

The Centre offers individual and couple counselling to adult residents of Greater Victoria. Counselling is available days, evenings and weekends. Our volunteer counsellors are trained and supervised to work with the following life issues:

* relationship/communication

* changes in status or roles (grieving/loss, divorce, marriage, career changes)

* self esteem and assertiveness

* conflict resolution

* stress and anxiety management

* anger

* situational depression

Clients with issues outside of our scope of practice will be helped to connect with appropriate services.


Groups such as Self Esteem, Communication, Anger Management, Women's Support, etc. are offered three times each year beginning at the end of January , the end of April and the end of September. Please call to receive information on the next session of groups.

What People Are Saying

"She really helped me focus on what to do for myself, to be patient and to see myself more realistically and positively. She helped me see that what was happening didn’t mean anything about me personally. It SO helped me at a REALLY difficult time."

— Centre Client, Read More

"After every session I felt like he gave me the right key for one of my locked doors. I have the key right now. I am able to unlock them if I really want to."

— Centre Client, Read More

"It was extremely helpful in that I could express anything on my mind and have not only an educated response but a response I could relate to. His interest and openness to my ‘radical’ ideas was helpful. He could also communicate with me in an intellectual level."

— Centre Client, Read More

"The counselling helped me keep going when I just wanted to give up. She listened well but also gave me lots of great suggestions. I think you provide an absolutely fabulous service and I don’t know what I would have done without it."

— Centre Client, Read More

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