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Green Technology Education Centre

Registered Name: Green Technology Education Centre of Greater Vancouver Society

Business No: 718419294RR0001

Our objectives are to develop education, promote sustainability and support the community and our youth in response to the climate crisis.

Green Technology Education Centre


GTEC's Mission is to inform, activate and support communities in responding to the climate crisis via education.

Our Vision is to be at the forefront of emerging solutions to the climate crisis.

Current projects:

GTEC is Building Climate Change Resilience in the Community Social Services sector by assessing an organization's readiness to respond to the impacts of climate change and developing Roadmap documents to provide the steps needed to move towards adaptation. This project is done in partnership with the Federation of Community Social Services of BC and initially funded by the Federation and by SPARC BC.

GTEC is developing Climate Distress Services to provide young people with the tools needed to deal with climate change related distress. The research is being done in partnership with Simon Fraser University's Mental Health and Climate Change Alliance and it is summarized in the report Repairing the Social Contract.

These services and programs for young people will be delivered at the Climate Response Centre, which is currently under development. We envision the Climate Response Centre to be located in the False Creek area of Vancouver, BC. It will serve as a template for future Centres to be located across the city and Province. The CRC will be a centre of evolving community-based expertise about responding to climate change. 

Past projects: 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, GTEC shifted to online programs using its AI mediated application. GTEC partnered with two BC high schools in delivering its Emotive BC-funded GenZ Goes Electric program.

Over the summer of 2020, the GTEC Council for a Green New Economy produced a well received report entitled Rebuilding BC. Here is what people are saying about Rebuilding BC -

Rebuilding BC contains a host of terrific ideas – policy recommendations well worth our government considering and implementing. These are the kinds of policy innovations, grounded in justice and the climate emergency, that we need right now.”

SETH KLEIN, Writer and Policy Analyst

“The COVID-19 lockdown not only gave nature a chance to recover from the human onslaught, we had to slow down and think about what really matters. We must not try to go back to business-as-usual pre-COVID-19. We have to use the crisis as an opportunity to move to a real path of balance and sustainability. Rebuilding BC is just such a blueprint, a chance to get it right. We must not ignore it.”

DAVID SUZUKI grandfather

We need the help from people like you to help us continue the work we are doing for our communities, our young people, and the future.




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