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Advancing our collective understanding of the environmental issues and solutions ahead.

Greenpeace Canada Education Fund


What we do

This is a pivotal moment for our planet. Less than a decade separates us from irreversible damage from climate change. Despite the consensus that climate change is real and a majority of Canadians wishing to see fossil fuel phased out, oil and gas companies - and their allies - are stymying meaningful climate action. Disinformation is blurring our collective understanding of the issues and solutions to this crisis. To address it, we must bridge the knowledge gap and combat the sense of powerlessness instilled by this continued obstruction of democratic will.

That’s why the Greenpeace Canada Education Fund (GCEF) was created. Launched in 2020, the Fund seeks to deepen our collective understanding of the environmental, climate, and energy issues affecting people living in Canada and around the world. We do this by focusing on research, education, and the effective dissemination of our findings to the public.

You can contact Jackie Gallagher, who would be happy to provide you with more information, by email at:

You can learn more by reading our 2022 Greenpeace Canada Education Fund Impact Report.

You can also see our work by reading our backgrounder.

You can see a recent research output we supported, the So Sue Me report.

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Our Relationship with Greenpeace Canada

There are now two Greenpeace organizations operating in Canada. Greenpeace Canada, which runs campaigns to protect the planet, expose global environmental issues, and develop solutions for a green and peaceful future, was established in 1971. It is part of a global campaigning network maintaining general consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council. 

Our work complements and supports that of Greenpeace Canada, our supporters, and our environmental partners to create persuasive, credible and effective actions that meaningfully engage the public, politicians and the media on the march toward climate justice.




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