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In June 2016, Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary and teams of kind-hearted volunteers became involved in what may be the largest animal rescue in North America. We saved 584 parrots from deplorable conditions at the World Parrot Refuge in Coombs, BC. The news made national headlines.

The charity that had supported the refuge collapsed after the illness and death of its founder and the resignation of several board members. Conditions at the refuge were truly appalling. The birds were living in dark, dirty, rat-infested enclosures. Many of the birds were ill, underweight, mutilated, or injured due to fighting and self-harm. The SPCA ordered extensive renovations, along with veterinary care for the birds, but did not provide funding to make this happen.

Greyhaven Steps in

Everyone agreed that the situation at the refuge was untenable, and the unasked question was “What will happen if we don’t do something?” The “we” in question was Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary, a small, volunteer-run parrot rescue that normally takes in, and adopts out, about 200 birds a year. The challenge of rescuing, relocating, and rehoming almost 600 birds was overwhelming; even more overwhelming was the fear of what would happen if we didn’t step in.

The Urgent Need for Your Support

Between the beginning of June and the end of July all of the birds were removed from the World Parrot Refuge and dispersed to several safe, temporary locations. During the relocation process Greyhaven paid staff wages at the refuge, along with operating expenses, and veterinary costs began to mount.

With the removal of the birds these costs continued to climb as the organization paid rent, food, medical costs, and sundry expenses for the care of the birds. While adoptions have been moving along well, it is anticipated that wrapping up the entire endeavour will not be possible before at least the fall of 2017.


These wonderful, magical, majestic, funny, intelligent birds did nothing to deserve a life of uncertainty and fear. Greyhaven is doing everything possible to ensure that that life is behind them, but it costs money – a lot of money. By donating to Greyhaven you will be helping a precious spirit find a safe place to land.

What People Are Saying

"Such a dedicated group of volunteers who care deeply about being the best caregivers they can be to our feathered friends. A wealth of knowledge and experience that is irreplaceable. An excellent source of information offered via the website too."

— Rhonda

"Greyhaven is a wonderful organization. They do an amazing job of caring for birds till they can find a forever family. I have adopted one bird from them and she is the best. Adoption is the best way to go. Give a bird a home that needs one "

— Melissa

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