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Group ABA Children's Society

Registered Name: Group ABA Childrens' Society

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Group ABA Children's Society


Our Mission

Group ABA Children's society's (“GABA”) exclusive purpose is to provide an advancement of education for young children with complex developmental disabilities, including autism spectrum disorders. A group of specially trained professionals will work as a team to deliver a highly structured applied behavioural analysis intervention program that has been scientifically demonstrated to be effective in teaching a broad range of skills to students. The school programs and curriculum will encompass a broad range of educational, behavioural, social and functional skills designed to enable children to acquire the skills required to achieve to the fullest extent of their individual abilities and to lead fulfilling and productive lives with as much independence as possible. The goal for each student is for them to learn to communicate effectively with adults and peers, to acquire skills to increase their independence, to interact appropriately with others at school, home, and in their community and to enjoy their learning experience at GABA.

About Group ABA Children's Society

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) involves:

· Breaking skills into small units

· Using procedures such as reinforcement, extinction, shaping, prompting, fading, chaining, discrimination, generalization, etc. to teach skills

· Teaching skills such as receptive and expressive language, motor imitation, social skills, self-help skills, readiness skills and others

· Is taught intensively using discrete trial techniques and natural environment strategies

· Uses functional assessment of behaviour and positive behaviour support strategies

Data is recorded daily on various aspects of the children’s learning and each child has annual assessment of his/her skills. Decision making is led by data that demonstrates a particular strategy is being effective. Parents participate in monthly planning meetings to discuss their child’s progress and the appropriate goals for the next month to respond to both the child’s unique skill level and family values.


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