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About This Charity

Our Mission

Groves Hospital Foundation is dedicated to raising and stewarding funds for the advancement of health care at Groves Memorial Community Hospital.

About Our Charity

Current Campaign: The New Groves Hospital Project 

For years now, Groves Memorial Community Hospital has been experiencing over-crowding and operational inefficiencies due to the lack of adequate and accessible space. Our community deserves the best healthcare. Our new facility will become a new model in the delivery of community rural healthcare. It will have the ability to deliver a model of care that aligns with best practice; be capable of accommodating modern technology; meet accessibility standards; contain 80% private beds (which is the most effective solution for infection control); and will almost double in size from the current facility. The New Groves Hospital will be; "Close to Home. Far from Ordinary". 

About Groves Hospital 

Groves is a small rural community hospital serving people in the Township of Centre Wellington and the surrounding rural areas. Groves operates 44 beds, with over 230 staff. Medical staff includes 33 active physicians, 25 specialists (4 local; 21 visiting), 99 nurses, and 254 dedicated volunteers. Coverage for emergency, obstetrics, and anesthesia is provided through existing family doctors with specialized preparation.