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Sanctuary Outreach: Infant Car Seat Fund

One of our local church partners noticed a recurring unmet need for pregnant women in need within our community and brought it to our attention - the need for infant car seats. Due to safety regulations, it is not appropriate to get these items used. However, the cost of purchasing a new infant car seat can be a huge hurdle for some women. With this in mind, the Infant Car Seat Fund was created so that women in need could access new car seats, by referral from church partners or local community organizations, or by calling our helpline to get connected.

The Infant Car Seat Fund has expanded slightly and we now provide strollers as well as car seats, sometimes. Many pregnant women in need spend a lot of time on the bus and they need to be able to go seamlessly from bus to car when their baby is born. For this reason, it makes the most sense to try and provide women with car seat/stroller combos so that their car seat will neatly snap into their stroller. These combos tend to cost around $200+, so we are always looking for donations to help us support more women and children in need.

Thanks for considering donating! You are awesome :).