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Amphibian Habitat & Roads Project


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Amphibian Habitat & Roads Project

Road crossings can be a major threat to many amphibians, particularly where roads and wetlands meet. Where roads intersect amphibians' foraging habitat (often the forest in the Pacific Northwest) and their breeding habitat (wetlands), then amphibians will need to cross the road.

Unfortunately, frogs, toads, salamanders, and newts are not known for their road sense, and far too many are smushed underneath car tires.

Sometimes, there are things that can be done to improve road safety for amphibians, if we know where where the problem spots are. Small fences can re-direct amphibians to lit culverts, or "toad tunnels" can be created if needed. But we need to know where the problem spots are.

These little frogs, toads, and salamanders need support from you. Your contributions will help locate problem areas where many of these amphibians are being killed by cars. We are working in Victoria, British Columbia Canada to raise awareness about the need for habitat protection in these zones. Our dedicated biologists will then assess the problems sites and propose potential mitigation measures to the authority responsible for the road, and hopfiully, work with them to implement a amphibian fix. Once sites are reported to us, we will post a map of the locations on our website here: