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HAT For Bats

To keep the successful Bat Stewardship Program available and providing habitat that bats need, we are reaching out to community members like you for support.

You can support the “HAT for Bats” fundraiser by making a donation using the form below or calling us at 250-995-2428. You can also send us a cheque in the mail to PO Box 8552 Victoria BC V8W 3S2.

HAT also welcomes you to start your own fundraiser for the Bat Program by collecting donations from people you know. Every little bit, helps us protect habitat for every little bat we can.

Those that care for traditionally un-loved species like bats hold a special place in nature’s protection. Our goal is to raise $3,000 for the bat program.

The popularity of this program grows year by year, now that the bats have your interest, we want to follow through together. There are so many reasons that this program matters for the lives of bats and our community:

  • There are bat species facing threats to their survival on Vancouver Island: Townsend’s Big-eared Bat is provincially blue-listed, Keen’s Myotis is provincially blue-listed, and Little Brown Myotis bats are listed as Endangered under the federal Species at Risk Act
  • Habitat loss due to development and forestry impact the availability of natural homes for our bats
  • The deadly White Nose Syndrome was detected closer to home for local bats than ever in Washington State

We encourage you to Adopt a Bat Colony with a $130 donation. This amount provides the funds necessary for a bat box, providing a home for an entire family of up to 200 bats. 

Thank you for your interest in giving bats a wing up! The world is a better place when you take part in its stewardship.

Your partner in conservation,

Habitat Acquisition Trust