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Build ~ Learn ~ Grow

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We operate a school in Haiti, preschool to Grade 9. We provide education, end malnutrition through our school feeding program, build the local economy through employment, contracts, and local sourcing of our school's operation needs. We directly address 6/17 of the UN Social Development Goals - quality education, hunger, poverty, sanitation, good health and well being, gender equality.

The school opened in 2011 with 2 classrooms, 5 Haitian teachers, 50 students. Today, 12 classrooms, 25+ Haitian staff, 350 students; daily lunch provided to all.  Our families pay a nominal annual school fee ($2USD).  Tuition, books, uniforms, classroom and student supplies, daily lunch provided by us and our U.S. sister organization.  We also provide annual family meal kits when funds allow to over 250 school families. No government funding involved - all private and corporation donations.

We are embarking on a capital campaign to build our campus to provide Grades 10 - 12 so that all our students have the opportunity to achieve a Highschool diploma, learn a trade or professional skill.   Of the roughly 80% of students in Haiti that begin school, nearly 57% leave school by Grade 9.   Despite the violent, turbulent unrest this last year, our school maintained a 95% retention rate of our students.   In addition, our school consistently achieves a nearly 100% pass rate of our Grade 9 students on their government exams to attend Highschool.

However, whether these students attend Highschool, and whether they complete, is dependent on their family's finances and ability to pay for this further education.   Now, more than ever, is the time to invest in Haiti's children - the poorest nation in the Western hemisphere.Your donation will provide the opportunity to achieve a Highschool diploma, learn a trade or professional skill, to the 350 students currently enrolled in our school, and to all future students not-yet-enrolled.

The Project: Build, Grow, Learn

Build: Add a second story on two existing buildings (our 3rd building is already two stories) creating 5 new classrooms, upper level washrooms, storage space and security for classroom resources and future technology.

Grow: Finishing costs - plumbing, paint, doors, outfitting new classrooms. Hire additional teaching staff for Grades 10, 11, 12.

Learn: Provide electricity via solar generator, internet access, and in-classroom technology for learning purposes and homework completion.

We have experience with builds and improvements for our school: two story and one story concrete buildings, replacing palm leaf perimeter walls with concrete, improving the height of our perimeter walls for added security, installing a 10 tap handwashing station in the school courtyard - the first of its kind in the community.

Our improvement and build projects are designed and quoted by Haitian trained professionals. They are overseen by our community administrator who has been working with us since the school opened in 2011. They are completed on time and within budget.

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