OneSky Foundation (Canada) Inc.

Registered Name: OneSky Foundation (Canada) Inc.

Business Number: 803351295RR0001

Sponsor a Child in an Orphanage

Bring an Chinese orphaned child the love that’s missing for as little as $50 a month or $600 per year.

The Problem

Institutionalized infants and toddlers, because they often lack positive interactions with caring adults from the very beginning of life, are at great risk – they lose about one month of linear growth for every three months in institutional care. Without early intervention, individual attention or stimulation, children who survive the emotional isolation will almost certainly suffer developmental delays and be ill equipped to function socially or to thrive in adulthood.

How Your Sponsorship Helps

Your sponsorship help us implement programs that enable these marginalized children to not only survive, but thrive. We design and operate model programs in Chinese orphanages for infants (0-3 years), preschoolers (3-6 years) and foster families designed to educate caregivers on responsive nurturing care. Our national training program has become the national standard for orphan care in China. 

In order to reach the greatest number of children in the most cost-effective way, your donation is pooled with those of other sponsors and donors to fund our life-changing programs.

What You Will Receive as a Sponsor

Each year you will receive two updates from your child and two updates written by our field staff. In the child updates, you will learn about events in your sponsored child's life that made her/him happy or sad, and what your child has learned recently. The updates written by our field staff will keep you abreast of the programs we fund and the work we are doing in the institution where your sponsored child lives so you can learn more about the impact your sponsorship is making!

Help a child. Sponsor now!