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Sponsor a Child in a Village

Registered Name: OneSky Foundation (Canada) Inc.

Business No: 803351295RR0001

Sponsor a Child in a Village

Bring loving care to one special child living in a poor rural village in China for only $50 a month, or $600 per year.

The Problem

In rural China, more than 61 million children of migrant workers are left behind in the care of grandparents who are struggling to simply keep them fed. 23 million of those children are under seven years old – left without nurturing, responsive care during their most critical early years. Most of the children see their parents only once a year, during the New Year holiday. They are China’s “economic orphans.” 

How Your Sponsorship Helps

Your sponsorship changes children's lives by helping us design and implement affordable, replicable models that train caregivers – parents, grandparents, nannies, teachers, guardians – to provide the simple loving care and stimulation that are essential to a healthy start in life. Your sponsorship will also help us put in place Early Learning Center in the village for children for all children in the village, ages 3-6, to attend, irrespective of the family’s ability to pay. In order to reach the greatest number of children in the most cost-effective way, your donation is pooled with those of other sponsors and donors to fund our life-changing programs.

What You Will Receive as a Sponsor

Each year you will receive two updates from your child and two updates written by our field staff. In the child updates, you will learn about events in your sponsored child's life that made her/him happy or sad, and what your child has learned recently. The updates written by our field staff will keep you abreast of the programs we fund and the work we are doing in the region where your sponsored child lives so you can learn more about the impact your sponsorship is making!

Help a child. Sponsor now!