Haliburton Assistance for Single Parents

Registered Name: Haliburton Assistance for Single Parents (HASP)

Business Number: 848154175RR0001

Overview of the Haliburton Assistance for SingleParents (HASP) program

The purpose of the charity:

A) To relieve poverty and advance education by providing a support program that offers financial assistance for tuition, education cost, daycare, health/dental care, and life skills/financial counseling for needy single parents in Haliburton County.

B) To undertake activities ancillary and incidental to the attainment of the above charitable purpose.Our aim is to break the cycle of poverty whereby single parents simply accept a life of living on social assistance programs. We want to improve their economic status by enhancing their marketable skills through educational opportunities. We want to remove obstacles that keep someone out of the classroom.

Program Benefits for Our Parents

• Assistance for tuition, transportation, day care, housing, and day-to-day living expenses• Assistance for computers• Limited dental, medical and eye care• Budget management• Optional mentoring• Textbook purchase assistance• Single parent network where available• Advocacy

Requirements For Consideration by HASP

• Have Canadian citizenship and reside in Haliburton County• Carry a standard course load to complete the studies as scheduled• Have at least one minor child living with them• Attend and participate in a Single Parent network each month if such networks are available• Be a responsible and responsive program participant by regular communication with HASP• Provide HASP with progress reports as they become available• Must reside with only their child/children

A downloadable application form is available at Haliburton Assistance for Single Parents.

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