Halifax Humanities 101


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Our Mission

To promote humanities education as the means of enriching the lives of those living in material poverty.

About Halifax Humanities 101

The Halifax Humanities Society Society sponsors the university-level, non-credit program, Halifax Humanities 101. This unique educational opportunity is offered to adults living below the poverty line. The course involves twice weekly classes, taught by university professors who volunteer their time. The curriculum focuses on the "Great books" that have shaped Western culture, from ancient Greek and Roman epics to contemporary classics of American and Canadian literature. Through the study of these great works in literature and philosophy, students find an opportunity, in the midst of stressful lives, to read and reflect. This time for study has proven to be very helpful in moving students from lives of frustration and reaction to lives of thoughtful reflection and intelligent engagement as citizens.

Every barrier to learning is removed in this totally free of charge program so that the students can focus on the challenge and rewards of profound learning.

What People Are Saying

" "I have watched it [Halifax Humanities] develop into a wonderful educational partnership of dedicated teachers and learners engaged in passionate conversations about classical literature and art that can be placed in the context of today's world.""

— Dr. Colin Dodds, recently retired president of Saint Mary's University

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