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About This Charity

Our Mission

The Halifax Region Children’s Aid Foundation receives, maintains, and directs funds to support vulnerable children, youth in care, and former youth in care through educational awards, funding to community programs, the Good Beginnings Fund and programs in partnership with the national Children’s Aid Foundation including the Stay in School Program, National Trades Bursary Program, Miracle Fund, and the Health and Well-Being Fund.

More than 300,000 children and youth are abused and neglected each year in Canada. Consequently, there are over 1600 youth in foster care at any given time in Nova Scotia. Children and youth who experience abuse related trauma often face academic and social challenges that can put them at a disadvantage. Without the support or encouragement of their families they often endure multiple moves, have problems in school, and can miss out on experiences in childhood that many of us take for granted.

The good news is that the Halifax Region Children’s Aid Foundation believes that all children and youth are entitled to encouragement, assistance and the opportunity to “beat the odds.” The foundation makes a difference by providing supportive programs and services for vulnerable children and youth at risk through prevention, enrichment, education, research and development.

About Our Charity

The Halifax Region Children's Aid Foundation was created in 1997 to facilitate fundraising and community involvement for the former Children’s Aid Society of Halifax. A dedicated staff, board of directors, and six working committees carry forward this work, designed to improve the lives of children who are at risk of abuse or have been abused or neglected.