HALO Air Ambulance


Business Number: 891538613RR0001

Our Mission

The HALO Medevac Rescue Helicopter provides emergency scene response and rapid transport for the critically ill and injured.

Continued service of this project assists ground based ambulance services by reducing the time it takes to get Advanced Life Support (ALS) paramedics to the scene of a life threatening emergency or illness, thereby improving patient comfort and care in the fastest possible time.

It is our goal to improve patient comfort and care while in transit. We strive to achieve this by improving community awareness about both of these programs and to fundraise in order to support the operating costs of the HALO program.

About HALO Air Ambulance

The HALO (Helicopter Air Lift Operation) program has the ability to support Medicine Hat, surrounding communities, and remote areas, with improved patient care and decreased transport times for critically ill or injured people. People living, working, and playing or travelling within our coverage area have a medevac rescue helicopter in addition to the network of ground based ambulances.

As proven in the past, the helicopter can also be considered a valuable resource to other public service departments (e.g. City Police, RCMP, professional and volunteer fire departments). The primary function of the helicopter is the support of the local ground based ambulance program, but HALO is available to serve the community in a variety of ways including search and rescue, disaster response, and public safety warnings. This program allows people in Medicine Hat and surrounding areas the best possible access to rapid, advanced medical care in an emergency.

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