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Mission and Vision

Our vision

A vibrant, inclusive Hamilton.

Our mission

To drive positive change by connecting people, ideas and resources.

We drive positive change in Hamilton by

  • Helping people give in a way that has meaning to them and impact in the community.

Like other community foundations, HCF is unique from other charities because donors may support any area of charitable interest including arts and culture, education, health and human services, environment and recreation.

  • Supporting all aspects of community life through grants and financing to a wide range of charitable organizations and initiatives.

Beyond our traditional granting, HCF is unique in Hamilton because we also offer loans to charitable organizations. This strategy puts more of our capital to work for Hamiltonians. We have also increased the amount of funds flowing to Hamilton programs by leveraging partnerships and matching gifts from a range of private and public partners.

  • Engaging in community leadership by bringing people together to address priority issues that affect Hamiltonians.

Leadership is an HCF hallmark. We mobilize our knowledge, assets and relationships to address emerging community issues and opportunities that affect Hamiltonians.    

About Our Charity

Hamilton Community Foundation (HCF) is part of a network of over 191 Canadian community foundations who contribute time, leadership and financial support to initiatives that benefit their community most, based on an intimate understanding of local needs and opportunities.

If you have any questions about making a donation, please do not hesitate to contact Hamilton Community Foundation. Contact information is provided below.

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