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Hamilton Festival Theatre Company


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Hamilton Festival Theatre Company


As a leader in the performing arts sector, HFTco showcases the performing arts community in the GHA and beyond by supporting a diverse range of artists, works, and spaces that are inclusive, accessible, and innovative. HFTco produces the flagship Hamilton Fringe Festival, Artist Development programming (ALERT, Theatre P.D. Day, Spark, Kids Club Camp), a community-embedded winter festival (Frost Bites), The Gilded Hammer Awards, and more.


The Hamilton Festival Theatre Company (HFTco) is committed to training, platforming, and amplifying Hamilton’s theatre artists and storytellers. We believe that the arts in Hamilton are strengthened through broader participation in the sector. We therefore strive to eliminate barriers to access through: acknowledging shortcomings and opportunities for growth in the organization and the broader industry and taking concrete actions to address them; creating a space for meaningful dialogue with the broader community; offering opportunities for Hamiltonians to share and exchange with national and international artists; and maintaining affordable rates for all of our offerings—all to give artists and audiences accessible entry-points to cultural activities.


HFTco strives to make theatre accessible to both audience members and theatre makers and is committed to fostering both the development of professional artists and an appreciation of the arts in Hamilton.


As a leader in the performing arts sector that responds to the changing culture of Hamilton, HFTco builds a community for artists and cultivates work that is accessible, innovative, and artistically adventurous.


HFTco has emerged as a local presenter, promoter, and arts service organization founded on the Canadian Association of Fringe Festival’s model of accessibility and openness. With that model in mind, we have developed the following values to guide us:

  1. Listen to and learn from community stakeholders reflecting a diversity of ages, abilities, gender identities and expressions, sexual orientations, and members of racialized groups.
  2. Operate with accountability to our community of stakeholders.
  3. Act as a community leader to encourage new collaborations and partnerships and help to redefine a more inclusive, equitable, just, and accessible culture of theatre in Hamilton.
  4. Provide accessible programming in form and price, for artists and audiences, to help ‘level the playing field’ and promote diverse artistic creation.
  5. Promote an open-minded atmosphere that embraces traditional and non-traditional artistic production.
  6. Support the development of excellence within the theatre community through education, mentorship, recognition, and access to performance spaces and other such resources.
  7. Maintain a presence that is adaptive and responsive to the changing theatre environment.


41 King William St

Suite 206

Hamilton, ON, L8R 1A2

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